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Dating back to 1875 Birley Manufacturing has a long and distinguished history of specialising in joinery and metal work.

The company has evolved from makers of shop fittings, to becoming a manufacturing champion with innovative product developments including its award-winning Universally Accessible Toilet (UAT).

Birley’s 100 employees, based at the company’s premises just outside of Sheffield, include skilled bench joiners and metalworking specialists, through to designers, planners and project managers, many of whom play a significant role in the company’s R&D initiatives.

Susan Battersby, Birley Manufacturing’s finance manager explained: “I joined the business in 2018, at the time when the company was starting to look at making a claim under the R&D tax claim scheme. I was delighted to support this initiative as I’d been involved in several successful claims for my previous employer.

“This was perfect timing for Birley’s first claim, as 2016 and 2017 had seen a major ramping up of investment in R&D. Significant projects included the re-engineering of sleeper berths for Great Western’s London to Penzance rail service and the development of the UAT, where the design of hardwearing, yet lighter materials were fundamental to their success.”

Birley Manufacturing commissioned, R&D Tax Claims, to manage their claim, recognising the company’s expertise in the manufacturing and engineering sector, and it’s 100 per cent successful claims record.

Susan Battersby, continued: “The reviewing and recording of relevant information from previous years was time-consuming at first, however, the benefits the claim has brought to the company certainly made it worthwhile.

“Clearly, the £500k was a huge contribution to our bottom-line, but the benefits go well beyond this – it’s been a real boost for morale, and a genuine incentive to drive further innovations. It’s clear to see that the investments made in R&D in 2016/17 are really delivering new business opportunities today, in both the UK and Europe.

“The team at R&D Tax Claims supported us throughout the process and their knowledge of the (R&D Tax) scheme and the manufacturing industry have been key to our successful claim.”

R&D Tax Claims has secured over £7 million of R&D Tax refunds for MIM members, if you’d like to discuss your next claim e-mail [email protected], call 0845 003 0140 or visit www. for further information.